Thursday, October 28, 2010

Design Decisions

The first decision I had to make was in regards to which rule system I was going to use for my new game. Like most game master and designers, I like to create my own mechanics, for for Jedwars & Jeddaks I felt there there was already a few different systems already out there that would quite adequately fit the bill.

Savage Worlds Mars
My first attempt was using Savage Worlds and the Mars sourcebook, primarily because of Snizith's blog, Savage Barsoom, had already done some of the work. It didn't take me long though, to realize that I didn't know Savage Worlds well enough to feel comfortable in creating such a big supplement as J&J, so I abandoned that system.

DC Adventures
My next port of call was DC Adventures, which is based on the Mutants &Masterminds 3e rule set. I had already done some work for the system as a freelancer, so I knew it quite well. The system easily adapts to the swashbuckling cinematic feel of Burroughs' Barsoom while being grainy enough to support a huge plethora of characters and creatures of differing ability.

So, with that decision made, I sat down and began making notes on how I wanted to set out the supplement..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Voyage to Barsoom

My first encounter with Barsoom occurred when I was an impressionable young boy of 12, and truth be told, I don't think I've ever returned from the Dying Planet.  I voraciously consumed Princess of Mars, and then bought every other Mars novel by ERB that I could lay my hands on, which fortunately was all of them.  These editions of the books by Del Ray had covers illustrated by Michael Whelan, who in my opinion gave easily the best impression of of Barsoom to date.  My first encounter has naturally led me to love these stories, and I have reread them regularly ever since.

Fast forward thirty odd years, and I have now brought this love of mine to the role playing table.  Utilising the ruleset DC Adventures by Green Ronin, I have created a Barsoom supplement I have named Jedwars & Jeddaks, or J&J for short.  My intention with this blog is to talk about my design process, and give some insight into the supplement.  My intention is to eventually publish the supplement as a PDF, but this may still be a little while off yet.

Of course, opinions and feedback are always welcome, and like any new game or supplement, play testing is and will be required, so I'm happy if people want to contact me to fill a playtesters part in the creation of, what I consider, one of the most exciting genres and settings available.